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eBay Listing Translation Project

August 15, 2013

The Tomedes translators are skilled at business translations of all shapes and sizes. That includes e-commerce translation, including translations for eBay transactions and listing.

Last week our Tomedes translators translated a series of eBay listings from French into English for an international eBay seller, with an American target audience. Our client sells apparel and accessories out of France and needed his listings to appeal to English speakers. Our translators worked on a total of 20 different listings and it took them one business day to get everything translated from French into English. Our client was happy with the turnaround time and response he got from the eBay translations, so he has already hired us to do another set of French eBay listing translations.

The French translators at Tomedes are also capable of translating regular ecommerce websites, business websites, marketing materials, business contracts and much more.

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