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Urgent translation of a dutch PowerPoint presentation into English for an electronic firm was provided by Tomedes' professional translators

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Dutch presentation translation for an electronic firm

May 13, 2015

Our translation company is often selected to provide presentation translation services for clients wishing to present their slides in their audience’s native language.
For example, a new client who represented a leading electronic firm contacted us the other day. The client asked whether we could translate his Dutch PowerPoint presentation into English, and to do so as a matter of urgency so that he had plenty of time to rehearse the presentation before it was due to be made.

Nadia (one of our project managers) replied to new new client’s enquiry in a timely manner. Nadia assured the client that providing a quick turnaround is one of our specialities, and that our translation company would be happy to help with the English presentation translation.

The client was pleased by this news, and the quotation that Nadia provided certainly surprised the client by its affordability! The grateful client decided to commission the project then and there.
Nadia chose, Mark to work on the English translation, and Mark’s prior experience of working with electronic companies and providing translations of PowerPoint presentations helped him to get to grips with the translation quickly.
Thanks to Mark’s expertise and experience, he was able to return the completed English presentation to the client before the deadline, allowing the client even more time to rehearse his presentation — something that the client was extremely grateful for!

The client thanked both Nadia and Mark, and mentioned that he’d be back in touch again if he ever had to make another presentation to an international audience.


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