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Dutch to English marketing email translation

February 24, 2016

By Ofer Tirosh

With English so widely spoken around the world, companies often opt to translate their marketing materials into it, even if they are approaching new customers on a global scale. 

This was precisely the case with a new Dutch client who approached Tomedes. He wanted to promote his business through a targeted email marketing campaign, reaching out to new customers in the US and Asia. He had selected English as his language of choice for the campaign and, while he spoke good English, he knew his written skills were not up to the job of drafting word-perfect emails. Enter Tomedes!

Our Dutch to English translators are experts at handling the translation of everything from individual business cards to lengthy brochures and websites. For this job, we selected a translator from Birmingham who had previously worked on email marketing campaigns and marketing presentations for us. We knew that he was perfectly suited to the task at hand, which is why we always find out about our translators’ backgrounds, in order to perfectly pair them with the translation jobs that we undertake. 

There were a number of shows coming up that this client wanted to attend and his marketing campaign had been designed to attract customers to them. Therefore time was of the essence, so our professional Dutch to English translator got to work immediately. 

It took just two days for us to complete the translation, submit it to our quality assurance team for approval and then return it to the client. He was impressed with our rapid service and with the high quality of his translation, which he is already using to reach out to new contacts on two continents. 

If you would like to discuss your translation needs, please get in touch with the Tomedes team today. We are here to answer your questions by phone, by email or via the chat service on our website. 

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