Dutch Business Card Translation for a Conference Attendee

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Dutch Business Card Translation for a Conference Attendee

February 22, 2015

By Ofer Tirosh

A new client got in touch with us recently, explaining that she was a representative of a large business and would be attending a conference in the Netherlands to promote her company. The client intended to distribute some of her business cards to people she would be networking with, and she thought that it would make a great first impression if her business cards were translated into the host country’s native language. 

The client received a quick reply from Nadia, a project manager here at Tomedes, stating that it wouldn’t be a problem to do this. The client did wonder whether Nadia would agree to take on her work, considering that there was only a very small amount of text that actually needed translating.

Nadia assured the client that she was happy to commission small jobs too, and that, at Tomedes, we always treat clients with small requests with the same exceptional service as clients who wish to commission larger contracts too.

The client thanked Nadia for this, and authorized the translation to begin. A native-speaking translator was quickly found to work on the client’s text, and the completed translation was returned later that same day. The client was very happy with the quick turnaround time, the excellent value for money and the friendly service she received throughout the translation process.

The client remarked that her business cards would be greatly appreciated by their recipients, and she ensured Nadia that she would contact Tomedes again when she was required to attend conferences in other countries.  

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