Accurate Crypto Translation

For yet another client in Los Angeles, Tomedes recently accomplished another translation job. LA is no stranger to the dynamic Tomedes team, and for this client our crypto translation expertise was necessary.

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Accurate Crypto Translation

February 15, 2022

For yet another client in Los Angeles, Tomedes recently accomplished another translation job. LA is no stranger to the dynamic Tomedes team, and for this client our crypto translation expertise was necessary.

Our Returning LA Client Asks For Crypto Translation

Financial translation takes incredible accuracy and meticulous attention to detail. Cryptocurrency is a hot market today, and to stay current with the latest trends of international blockchain technology, the language issue must be addressed. This is especially true when you consider that many crypto investors are non-English speakers.

The Tomedes team is accustomed to providing outstanding language services to clients around the world. When a client in LA reached out to us to provide crypto translation, Tomedes was ready to get it done. LA is a thriving city for us, so we quickly found the right translator to handle the delicate job.

This returning client was already impressed with our 24/7 customer service and the quality of our legal translation service, so we were ready to demonstrate our crypto translation skills. For years, LA businesses have entrusted us with a multitude of translation services in a variety of markets. For this client, flawless crypto translation was required, but Tomedes’ experience includes translating any type of document or content.

Get Maximum ROI With Our Crypto Translation Services

Attention to detail is vital, and it’s part of the success of Tomedes’ Los Angeles translation services. As the leader in translation services, we strive to maximize your global reach, while delivering impeccable service to every client. We do this by providing efficient, accurate service with every project.

An important component of our success is our global network of experienced translators. Each linguist speaks the language being translated, so words and content are flawlessly transformed. We are proud to have a reputation for delivering projects on time, even when pressed with deadlines. No matter how large the project, our accuracy never falters. It’s another reason why our clients in LA and across the globe are repeat and loyal customers (but it might also be related to our award-winning, 24/7 customer service).

With the growing cryptocurrency market, the financial markets have changed how they communicate, and it’s now possible to cross borders for that communication. Many blockchain brokers are non-English speakers, so the need to translate financial documents to other languages is in demand. For international markets, this means companies must translate much blockchain-related content to engage global customers and achieve global success. Crypto translation and localization services include any type of financial or legal document that involves the trading of cryptocurrencies or related content. This content includes virtual assets, video games, blockchain banking, as well as secure online trading and banking. Some of the most translated languages in the blockchain market include English to French, Spanish, Chinese, and German, yet any language can easily be translated depending on the client’s needs.

 Tomedes has a proven approach to translation and every client receives the same level of service, no matter how tight the deadline. Since we were a remote workforce before COVID, we’ve kept our expenses minimal and passed the savings on to our customers. Tomedes’ low prices remain unparalleled in the industry, and we continue to examine ways to give our customers the best value with stellar service.

A Reliable Los Angeles Translation Company

Los Angeles is a thriving, modern city, and we like to think of our translation services as the content hub for the thousands of businesses that exist there. To keep the same virulent pace as a large city, we are committed to working night and day to get a project done on time, no matter how large a project may be. By providing the same consistent service for every industry, we’ve built a trust that never wanes.

In addition to quality translations, one of our core values is to be responsive to the client’s needs. Sensitive documents should be protected and kept confidential, and this must be in place from start to finish. We use a bulletproof security platform and never share content with third-party vendors. From the moment a company’s data is with us, it’s protected, and we are highly responsive to client requests regarding any part of the project steps. Having all these values is what brought our recent customers back, and we’re confident they will refer us to other businesses.

Another value we cherish is meeting all deadlines for projects. Business owners in Los Angeles don’t have time for delayed projects. Translation projects are often very sensitive and completing a project on time could make or break a business deal.

We understand this, and that’s why deadlines are always met at Tomedes. When we first agree to a project, we spend as much time as it takes to understand a project’s goals, and that includes understanding external pressures, time constraints, and how a company operates. We design projects to fit the client’s expectations, and we understand no two businesses are the same. Every component is analyzed and configured to get the best possible result.

One-Year Guarantee

To earn the trust of all our Los Angeles and international clients, Tomedes is proud to offer an unconditional one-year guarantee. This guarantee covers every part of translation services, no matter what a project requires. LA businesses can rest assured that every aspect of the project will be completed with integrity and accuracy, with remarkable quality translations that are delivered on time, every time.

A Wide Network Of Translation Services

One of the reasons our recent client returned was that they were aware of our incredible network of professional linguists we have all over the world. We like to think of our network as our beehive, as we’ve been building it since our first translation in 2007.

We have translators in every country and every language, ready to transform a client’s true meaning. With such a vast network of linguists, we respond to service requests quickly, and this means a project gets to market faster. Yet, it also means we can match a translator’s expertise to the client’s expectations.

In this recent case, we instantly matched a certified crypto translator highly experienced in the financial markets. Cryptocurrencies are a booming market and an ever-changing technology, so our translator understands how this currency works and all the terminology used for it. Using highly experienced, specifically matched translators is how we provide unprecedented Los Angeles translation service to thousands of businesses.

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For companies seeking to expand to a global market, efficient translation services empower companies to reach a new client base through language. Industries such as the medical field have embraced virtual platforms, and there has never been a greater need to educate and treat patients that speak a different language. With translation services, physicians can research, treat, and educate across the globe, and language is no longer a barrier in any country.

Reaching us is easy. You can contact our friendly customer service by phone, email, or by using our live chat service. We can discuss your project’s goals and suggest the language services you need. Our 24/7 support is standard for every project. We realize that when working in different, and sometimes multiple, time zones, communication can be challenging. Not with Tomedes. We are always there to send documents or supply anything you might have forgotten, regardless of time zone. We’ll make certain everything is in order, at any time. Now is the time to go global, so give us a call.

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