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A global company contracted us to provide French translation of a human resources, company job-related website and FAQ sheet for all company employees.

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English to French Translation of Human Resources

April 23, 2012

Human Resources Translation of System Management Website>

A global corporation contacted us recently to provide multiple language services and language translations for their new system management and FAQ website.  While the company itself has a wide global corporate reach insofar as employees and management, the requested language translation services for these particular human resources materials were English to French translation, English to Japanese translation, English to Russian and English to Spanish translation of both the FAQ web content and the rest of the new corporate systems management.

The FAQ website for company employees to view job-related information and stored personal details was relatively straightforward.  The segments that required much more attention to detail and careful lingustic service processes, was the localization of the systems management network and software. 

Japanese, Spanish and French Localization of Corporate Management Systems>

While this particular localized translation of human resources system management only required localized translation to French, Japanese, Spanish and Russian, and also only required localization of the text content.  This made localization processes much simpler than an entire in-depth localization process for a large corporate systems management database.  This enabled us to deliver all translation services requested within 24 hours.  The total word count of all language translations was 2750.

We've provided other such human resource translation services to many clients, ranging from employee handbook translations to entire payroll database system localizations, and much more.  To request information about our translation services, please contact us at

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