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Chinese website translation

February 19, 2010

Website translation in general and translating a website into Chinese in particular is a complex project. It should be done by experienced translation agencies such as Tomedes. We had many cases of companies asking us to repair the damages done by a translation agency that had provided them a translation full of errors and inaccuracies.

This time we had taken a project of translating an entire website from English into Chinese. We used our knowledge in HTML, CSS and ASP to provide an accurate translation leaving no hassle to our client’s webmaster.

Many European and American companies want to increase their presence in China. The first thing they do is translate their website into Chinese. There are over 380 Million internet users in China which makes it the largest online market worldwide. One must hire a Chinese translator who is well familiar with the Chinese culture and can provide a professional Chinese localization which is much more than a simple Chinese website translation.

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