Expert Chinese Technical Translation

Tomedes provides expert Chinese technical translation to businesses looking to make their products easier to use for their international customers. Our technical translators have the linguistic expertise and technical knowledge to skillfully transform manuals, user guides, business and marketing requirements, and instructions. In this project, we exhibit our prowess in providing translations for technical documents.

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Expert Chinese Technical Translation

March 22, 2024

As businesses extend their reach into the dynamic Chinese markets, the demand for precise technical translations escalates. These translations are not simply word-for-word conversions. The translated technical text must accurately convey the message of the original text to ensure the safety and proper usage of the product.

In this project, we demonstrated our expertise in Chinese technical translations to tailor technical content quickly and accurately while ensuring it's up to international standards. will exhibit how a manufacturing company 

Our Client

Our client is a global manufacturing company that produces a wide range of products from retail items to technological devices. This is their first time expanding their operations into China. They are looking for a professional company specializing in Chinese technical translations to make their document accessible and compliant in China.

This is the first time we have worked with them. They reached out to us because we have experience in handling sensitive and technical documents quickly while not compromising the project’s quality.

The Project

The project involved translating English technical documents into simplified and traditional Chinese within 24 hours. They needed to have various technical content, such as manuals, user guides, instructions, business requirements, and other marketing-based content like product demos.

This meticulous process also encompassed translating, editing, and proofreading the Chinese technical translations that will adapted to meet the specific technical and regulatory requirements of the client's industry.

Creating Technical Translations for a Safer Global Market

When dealing with the global market companies must work with simplified and translational Chinese technical translation providers that are ISO-certified to ensure that their translations are up to international standards and guarantee quality on all their projects.

Not everyone speaks English. For this reason, many companies are required by numerous countries to provide translations for all their marketing and business requirements, manuals, user guides, instructions, and product demos. This prevents the misuse of the product.

That's why technical translations should be 100% accurate to prevent any misunderstandings and ensure that industry-specific terminologies are accurately conveyed to their target users. 

The Challenges

We encountered a couple of issues while we translated from English to Chinese the technical documents that our client needed within 24 hours. Below we will explore the three major challenges that we encountered:

Technical Accuracy and Consistency: Maintaining technical precision across a variety of documents, and ensuring that every term and concept is consistently translated, is a formidable challenge. Our broad network of Chinese translators made it easier for us to form a team that could efficiently and accurately create translated technical documents within the given timeframe. Our translators have experience in simplified and traditional Chinese technical translation, ensuring that all the technical terms and jargon are consistently and accurately implemented.

Simplified vs. Traditional Chinese: Navigating the linguistic subtleties between these two forms of Chinese demands a nuanced understanding and approach to translation. Because of the large volume of content that we had to translate, we divided the load between simplified and traditional to speed up the process while ensuring its quality as each member could now focus on certain tasks.

Cultural and Regulatory Compliance: Adapting technical content to align with local regulations and cultural expectations is crucial for market acceptance and compliance. Our team of Chinese technical translators has many years of experience in providing this service. Not only that, our team is certified in providing this specialized translation, guaranteeing that the content complies with international and local regulations. 

Why Tomedes?

Many international companies trust Tomedes for our high-quality technical translation for English, Simplified, and Traditional Chinese, and other 150 languages. This is because of our almost two decades of experience in providing this specialized translation across various industries worldwide. We have written below other reasons we are the best in providing Chinese technical translations:

Industry Expertise: Our depth of knowledge in various technical fields ensures that your documents are translated with accuracy and industry-specific precision.

Linguistic Proficiency: Our team of native translators is proficient in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, equipped to handle the linguistic complexities of your technical documents.

Quality Assurance: Our rigorous quality control processes guarantee that your translated materials meet the highest standards of precision and reliability.

The Result

We managed to complete the project four hours before the deadline. After our client evaluated the translated technical documents, they were pleased with how we didn't just quickly do the task but also made sure that the output's accuracy and compliance with China's local laws and regulations.

Based on our last email correspondence, they have begun processing their application and sent the documents to all the government agencies for approval. Once they have accomplished this, they can begin to do operations and mass print the translated manuals, user guides, product demos, and other materials to promote and educate Chinese users about their products. 


Expert Chinese technical translation is the cornerstone of clear, accurate, and culturally attuned communication for businesses aiming to excel in the Chinese market. It requires having an in-depth understanding of the industry's terminology and jargon as well as having linguistic expertise to ensure the translated technical document's accuracy and compliance with local and international laws.

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