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Legal document translation was needed in Seattle, WA for a witness statement, for translation from Chinese to English.

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Chinese Legal Translation of a Witness Statement

July 27, 2010

Chinese Legal Translation of Witness Statement

Recently a client needed legal translation service for a witness statement that was provided in Chinese, and needed certified and notarized translation to English. Witness statements, due to the legal nature of this type of document translation service, often require notarized translation as the final copy, for verification and legitimacy. Legal translation service, especially notarized legal translation, is important in cases such as this Chinese to English translation of a witness statement. Not only must it hold up in court and for law requirements, but it could very well affect one or more person's life. This is why only the most professional, leading translation service should ever be entrusted with such a sensitive legal document translation.

To get a free quote on any legal document translation service, simply upload your document or file using the menu on the left, or input the total word count to be translated. You will receive an estimate within seconds. Contrary to other top translation services, Tomedes does not require your email address or any personal information when you request a free quote. We do not harass you or send you follow up spam mail from our site. Almost all other translation companies require your email in order to provide you with a free quote. Additionally, when you compare our translation rates to other leading translation services, you will find ours at least 50% lower. We offer the lowest translation rates you can find from any leading translation company, whether for Chinese legal translation, technical Spanish translation, or any other document language translation service.

Legal Translation in Seattle to Notarized Document Translation in Miami

The client who requested witness statement translation(specific client details cannot be disclosed to the public due to strict confidentiality agreements) needed a notarized legal translation in Seattle, WA. in addition to accurate Chinese to English translation of the witness statement. Much of the time, law firms forget that those who do not speak English can be witness to a crime or have information, and suddenly the law firm needs reliable, professional translation service from a 3rd party, since a notarized document translation for legal purposes cannot be performed by a party that is even indirectly involved. This is when legal document translation service experience is highly valuable, and we are happy to provide it to our clients.

Other recent legal translations we have provided included Moldovan to English translation of visa application papers and other visa documents, Albanian immigration translation in Miami, FL, and legal translation of a living will, along with many other kinds of legal document translation service. Whether our clients need visa application or visa translation, translation of confidential legal documents, or notarized document translation, we are able to provide accurate, professional translation with fast turnaround, and for the most affordable translation costs.

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