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Tomedes recently worked with a client based in China, who needed pharmaceutical translation for the patient information leaflets in his products

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Chinese to English pharmaceutical translation

September 05, 2018

The pharmaceutical industry is (for good reason!) heavily regulated, including the patient information that is available on packaging and product leaflets. This means that those undertaking pharmaceutical translation have to display an incredible commitment to accuracy. Their work has to be absolutely flawless in order that products meet the expected standards. 

Tomedes works with a range of clients who require pharmaceutical translation services. Most recently, we worked with a client based in China, who needed his updated patient information leaflets translated into English. 

With a wide network of Chinese translators at our disposal, we were easily able to find the perfect person to undertake this work. Based in London, our chosen translator had previously worked on pharmaceutical translations, making her the ideal candidate for the job at hand.  

Our translator got to work at once, carefully translating the client’s document to ensure that the pharmaceutical information and medical advice that it included was presented in perfect English. She liaised with the client throughout, to ensure that the translation was 100% accurate. 

The client was delighted with our attention to detail. He was also pleased that the translation cost was a known quantity from the outset, having used our online quote function to obtain the translation price before assigning us the work. 

At the client’s request, we provided a certificate of translation to verify the authenticity of the translated patient information leaflet. We can provide this service for any translation, no matter what size or subject matter it may be. 

We completed the translation job in plenty of time, meaning that the client could move forward with preparing his product for market in English-speaking countries. 

If you have a pharmaceutical translation or medical translation need, it’s time to speak to Tomedes. Our professional linguists are standing by, ready to help. They cover a vast range of language pairings, so please contact us for further details. 

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