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Chinese is one of those languages that is in huge demand for translation services and we Tomedes always welcome these translation projects.

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Chinese Birth Certificate Translation

August 12, 2013

Chinese is one of those languages that is in huge demand for translation services. Everything from business translations to technical translation to everyday practical Chinese translations; the Tomedes translators have seen it all.

Recently, our Chinese translators took on the task of translating a Chinese birth certificate for a US resident who was born in China. Our translators were able to finish the project in just under a few hours and have the final product back to our client. It was a simple, but important translation project.

Birth Certificate Translations

Birth certificate translations are a common translation request, especially when someone is applying for a Green Card or citizenship to the US. Having a foreign birth certificate translated into English makes the application process much easier, so that the person processing the application can understand what the birth certificate says.

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