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Tomedes was recently engaged to translate a birth certificate from Spanish to English for a client in Mexico

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Certified Spanish to English birth certificate translation

April 03, 2016

Personal document translation is a service that is often requested by Tomedes clients. It’s usually needed at fairly short notice as part of a visa application or immigration application, or similar legal process. 

Most recently, we were engaged to translate a birth certificate from Spanish to English for a client in Mexico. He approached Tomedes through our website chat service, which meant we were able to respond instantly to his enquiry. We quickly quoted him a price (he was delighted with the value for money of our translation service) and he confirmed that he wanted to proceed with the translation of his birth certificate. 

The client also wanted a certificate of translation, to prove the authenticity of the translated copy. This was no problem at all – Tomedes is pleased to offer certified translation for any document that we translate, in any language pairing. 

Our leading Spanish to English translator based in Orlando, Florida was available to undertake this translation and got straight to work. He knew the client was in a rush to get hold of the English translation of his birth certificate and so produced this in under 24 hours. 

The Tomedes quality assurance team then took over. This team assesses each and every translation that we produce, to ensure that it is up to our high standards. Once they had approved the birth certificate translation, it was emailed over to the client, along with his certificate of translation. 

The client was delighted to receive such a speedy service and is now able to progress his visa application without delay. 

Tomedes has professional human translators standing by ready to assist with your personal document translation. We also have business translators, legal translators and many more translation specialists available to take care of all of your translation needs. Contact us today for further details. 

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