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Tomedes provides translation of marketing material to and from Cantonese such as brochures, promotional email and press releases. Our expert translators have the language and industry experience required to deliver accurate and reliable Cantonese marketing translations. Please find below examples of the projects we have worked on over the years.

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Translation Of Cantonese Marketing Materials To English

September 24, 2013

Last updated on December 08, 2022

English to Chinese translation of marketing materials requests are often quite complex, and should only be completed through a professional translation service. Whether it's a Mandarin translation or a Cantonese translation, your marketing translator should be an expert in the language and its various dialects.

Translate Marketing Materials From Cantonese To English for An Advertising Agency

Most recently, our  native translators worked on a Cantonese marketing translation for a Chinese advertising agency. The advertising agency also has a wide variety of English speaking clients, so they needed some of their marketing  materials translated from Cantonese into English. Some of the materials that were translated included; brochures, magazine ads and PP advertisements. A team of our two best Cantonese marketing translators took just one business day to translate the materials and get them back to our client. He was happy with the quality of the translations and the quick turnaround time and has already contacted us to help him with future projects.

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