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For Fun or for Business Letter Translations

November 09, 2010

If you are anything like us, when you think of having a translator translate a letter for you, you picture a kind of old-school, snail mail letter translation job, right? The hand-written ink or pencil, the cursive lettering that has to be deciphered by some brilliant historian who speaks 8 languages, the crumpled paper, the envelope with a return address from Azerbaijan, or Nepal, or India, or somewhere fairly exotic – these are the images that come to mind when you think of a typicalletter translation service, even if it is being done by a professional translation company. We do, anyway.

However, there are millions of different letter translations possible - well, alright, not millions, but more than the one just described. For example, say a pharmaceutical company wants to distribute and sell their new pharmaceutical in Korea. The Korean Ministry of Health Department (or the equivalent thereof) writes a letter back to the pharmaceutical company with a yes or no, and perhaps an explanation. Or perhaps the Korean letter simply addresses a few things that need to take place in order to distribute the pharmaceuticals into the country. Either way, in order for the English speaking pharmaceutical company to understand the response, they will obviously need professional Korean to English translation of that business letter. When you need any kind of letter translation service, or business letter translation if you prefer, simply use the menu on the left to obtain a free instant quote by inputting the total word count, or uploading the file. You'll get an estimate within seconds, detailing our very low rates and costs.

Flat Stanley Professional Translation?

Letters and other types of document translation used to be something pen pals required to read their exchanged letters, in years up to the 1980s - unless the pen pal spoke English. If you had a pen pal in Spain, the Spanish teacher simply gave you a quick Spanish translation of your letter. Today, instead of pen pals, most kids have a Flat Stanley project.

While not a letter in the old school way most of us think, Flat Stanley is still a great example of how letter translation is necessary in everyday life. If you send your child's Flat Stanley to Germany, and he comes back with a whole bunch of German language descriptions of the locations he visited - it will be much more fun for your child and your child's classmates if there is a German to English translation of where Flat Stanley went. When you use Tomedes for such a translation, you won't have to worry about over-priced rates, either. Our translation costs, especially for Flat Stanley, are extremely affordable.

While professionals would require something closer to a business translation for correspondence to a department or industry head in a foreign market location, everyday practical uses for letter translation make it relevant for non-professionals and individuals. Flat Stanley will appreciate it too.

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