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Telecom translations are extremely technical, requiring translators with a high amount of technical training and translation experience. This Arabic translation of a telecom document was over 50 pages, and completed in 1 day.

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Technical Arabic Translation of Telecom Document

May 21, 2011

Technical Translation for Telecom Jargon

One of our clients in Egypt recently requested a telecom document translation from Arabic to English. We were able to provide him with the completed, proofread professional Arabic translation within 1 short day by 2 translators, despite more than 50 pages of technical telecommunications jargon. We get requests for a lot of telecom translations; all of which are extremely technical in any language. Only translators with technical telecommunications training and experience can accurately translate telecom documents. For the layperson, telecom documents are like reading a foreign language to begin with. The highly technical and extremely specific jargon contained in telecom documents make it imperative that only a professional translation company handles the translation process. This is definitely one type of technical translation that in no way can be trusted to a general translator, and definintely not some automated junk.

To request a technical translation in any major language (or any less common language) simply send us your original documents, specifications and any time constraints to One of our linguistic project mangers will get right back to you, to begin the process. For an immediate quote, just use the menu on the left to choose your languages and upload your documents, and you'll have an estimate in seconds.

Considerations with Any Arabic Translation Service

Aside from the technical aspect of the Arabic telecom translation, there are dialects of Arabic that demand a professionally trained, experienced Arabic translator who can apppropriately translate the correct one into or from English. To prevent embarrassing mistranslations, only skilled human translators with professional experience in the appropriate Arabic dialect should perform the translation. Here are a few things to consider about any Arabic to English translation:

  • Generally speaking, there are four colloquial dialects of Arabic. Egyptian Arabic; Moroccan Arabic – also spoken in Algeria and Tunisia; Levant Arabic – spoken in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine; and Gulf Arabic – spoken in Gulf countries.
  • Among these major Arabic variations are hundreds of regional and local dialects that may also require different translations. For example, a Moroccan Arabic to English translation is different from an Iraqi Arabic translation. Usually, these two dialects are not mutually intelligible.

Don't make the false assumption that the Arabic language spoken in any country all translates into or from English the same way. You risk the reputation of your business in the international market, unless you use a professional translation company to determine the correct language dialect and its localized translation.

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