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Market research for a business which included Hebrew and Arabic translation of a large 3500 word survey.

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English to Arabic Translation of Market Survey

July 09, 2011

Research Translation of Regional Survey

Part of any large company, corporation or global business is market research. One of the most common methods of conducting market research is with surveys. In order to obtain the best results and most accurate market research and data, surveys need to undergo professional translation service in several to many languages. Business translation covers a huge variety of documents and texts, and surveys can be one of the most exhaustive and widespread, requiring many types of translators and even localization. For this particular survey, the client requested only English to Hebrew and English to Arabic translation for a regional survey. The entire document was a total of 3500 words, which was completed in 2 days. However, we are anticipating that more language translations of the same survey will be needed in the very near future.

Business translation of any print or electronic text should always be undertaken by a professional translation agency. While there are certainly plenty of freelance translators capable of professional translation service, they do not carry the same quality assurance, nor can they provide the extensive translation services in specialized areas of business, industry, and technical translation services. To make an inquiry about any translation service needed, simply email us with your original documents and specifications at and one of our linguistic project managers will return a reply directly. You can also opt for a quick quote by using the menu on the left to select your languages and upload your documents. You'll see your estimate on-site within a few seconds, without giving up personal information or getting annoying follow-up emails.

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Research translation service comes in many industries and in many sizes. We have provided plain text document German to English translation for marketing materials and research documents, and Korean translation of clinical research. Along the same lines, we've provided confidential business document translations, including Japanese and French translation. We continue to provide our clients with professional translation services for everything from large research projects to sensitive and confidential documents, and quality assurance they cannot find anywhere else.

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