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A client who was planning to open a new international branch of their private healthcare business contacted us. Jerry, an account manager, was quick to reply.

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Arabic Medical Translation for a Private Practice

March 01, 2015

The other day, a client who was planning to open a new international branch of their private healthcare business contacted us. The client informed us that they had heard of our reputation and wished to see if we were suitable for their translation needs.

Jerry, an account manager at Tomedes, was quick to reply, indicating that he’d be more than happy to assist with any queries the client might have. 

First, the client wanted to know how knowledgeable we were in their field, and Jerry was able to assure the client that any translator who was selected to work on their documents would have the necessary technical knowledge and experience in the medical sector. 

Moreover, Jerry also mentioned that we give all our completed work a one-year guarantee. If the client found anything in the translation that was a cause of concern, a retranslation or refund would be offered. The client was impressed by this, and was pleased that we place confidence in our quality.

Second, the client wished to ensure that any documentation that was worked on would be treated with the utmost privacy. Jerry pointed out that anyone who works on client material is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, guaranteeing the document’s confidentiality. 

These two measures pleased the client, and she commissioned the translation to take place. As the translator began work on the document, Jerry offered to assist the client with design and formatting matters, if required. Although the client didn’t take up the offer on this occasion, she was greatly appreciative of it, and could see how the service might be of benefit for other customers.

The completed translation was returned to the client by the deadline, and the client remarked how pleased she was with both the efficiency and value of our service. We hope to work with this particular client again soon!

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