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Arabic to English product brochure translation

April 20, 2016

By Ofer Tirosh

A new client recently approach Tomedes via our website chat service regarding the translation of his product brochure from Arabic to English.  

The client had used the Tomedes online Word Count Ratio Tool to compare roughly how much room he would need to leave in the English version of his product brochure, as opposed to the original Arabic version. Satisfied that the brochure layout would work well, he turned to Tomedes to undertake the translation and type setting of the document. 

With a team of professional desktop publishing staff, Tomedes is happy to typeset documents as well as translate them. This means that the client receives the translated version of the document in the same format as the original, which is particularly helpful when it comes to translating items like product brochures, information manuals and presentations. 

This client’s Arabic to English translation included some fairly technical language, as the brochure went into considerable detail about the workings and operations of his products. As such, we sought out our most talented technical translator, to ensure the accuracy of the translation. At Tomedes we always endeavour to match our translators’ skills and interests with the job in question in just this way. It keeps our translators happy and results in higher quality translation, which keeps our clients happy! 

The client’s product brochure translation was completed ahead of schedule and he was delighted with the final result. The professional typesetting undertaken by the Tomedes team, as well as the accuracy of the translation, were precisely what he was looking for – another very satisfied customer!

Tomedes’ professional translators are available to start work on your translation immediately. Browse our website or get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about our services. You can even get an instant quote directly from our website. 

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