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Certain clients require a Certificate of Translation as well as the translated text, such as the Albanian to English legal translation that Tomedes completed.

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Albanian to English Certified Legal Translation

April 01, 2014

Certain documents or clients often require an official Certificate of Translation to be provided alongside the translated text, such as the Albanian to English legal translation that Tomedes recently completed.

As the document in question was a legal text, the client needed to be sure that Tomedes could provide a Certificate of Translation, as well as a flawlessly translated document. This is a service that Tomedes is happy to offer, so did not pose a problem for us. We provided the client with a competitive quote, which he was most pleased to accept, and got to work straight away.

Our leading Albanian to English legal translator, based in the Enfield area of London, completed the translation work within just three days. Tomedes always takes the time to use human translators, no matter how large or small the job may be, as our clients deserve the best and machine translation just isn’t good enough. 

We engaged a member of our quality assurance team to proofread the translated legal document and ensure that it was flawless, before handing it back to the client along with his Certificate of Translation, resulting in another very happy Tomedes customer. 

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