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We provide Arabic translation for Quran requests regularly, although Arabic to English translation is growing in demand.

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Accurate, Professional Arabic to English Translation

April 12, 2011

Growing Demand for Arabic to English Translation

Translation of the Quran is one of the most popular requests for Arabic to English translation. This could be because of the growing numbers of those practicing Islam in North America. However, anyone who is thinking or searching for a professional translation company to provide them an Arabic to English translation of Quran passages or transcripts should be aware that Classical Arabic – the language of the Quran – is not the same as everday contemporary Arabic spoken in the vernacular. Only trained linguists and translators who understand Classical Arabic to English translation should translate Quran texts, so as not to distort the meaning from one language to the other.

This is but one example of Arabic to English translation requests, but it is requested by our clients for many other reasons. For anything from business contracts to financial reports, international investment returns and plenty more types of business, legal or financial translation have all been submitted to us for accurate, professional document translation. This is what makes us one of the best leading translation services online. To request a translation for any language pair, use the menu on the left to choose your language and word count or upload a document. You'll be supplied with a free and instant estimate. For more in-depth information and details, email us at with your requested language pair, time restraints or how soon you need the translation, and any other pertinent details, as well as the original document to be translated. We'll reply in a short time.

Our Professional Translation Company Covers Languages from A to Z

While Arabic document translation is rising drastically from the number of clients and the frequency of requests, Tomedes provides professional translation service on a global scale. Whether Japanese, Chinese, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Turkish, or Thai translation services, we provide all these and more than 40 other major language pairs - and many less common languages, too. Because our translators come from a huge network and global resource that extends to the thousands, the only way to know if we can currently provide you with a lesser known language translation is to email us about it. However, major language translations of any kind can be provided upon demand – we also promise urgent translations to be delivered on time, and with immaculate accuracy.

Because Arabic translation may be more difficult for some translation agencies, they may charge more for them. Tomedes has the lowest translation rates for any major language pair, including Arabic translation, than nearly any professional translation service. Why pay more when Tomedes offers better quality, better accuracy, better translators and better overall professional services?

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