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The client wanted us to help translate a short booklet explaining the company's service and details regarding an in-store terminal.

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An accurate, Chinese booklet translation

August 11, 2015

Many of our clients rely on giving out booklets to potential customers at various events, such as industry trade shows. Unlike lengthier documents, booklets generally try to fit a lot information about a company or product into somewhat limited space. Thus, it's important to produce a concise translation. 

For example, we were contacted by a new client who works for a company selling mobile insurance plans directly to retailers. When the company finds a retailer wishing to work with them, the company provides the retailer with a touch-screen terminal to help navigate the various customer care options available. By using this terminal, a retail assistant can consult with a customer as to which care package they'd like to receive, and set everything up on-the-spot. The client wanted us to help translate a short booklet explaining the company's service and details regarding the in-store terminal.

The client was impressed by the low-cost of our quotation, and they were also happy that we could provide a desktop publishing service in addition to the booklet translation, which would allow the graphics in the booklet to be accurately preserved.

One our our leading Chinese translators accepted the task, and soon began working on the booklet translation. The information contained in the booklet wasn't particularly technical, but there was quite a lot of it, given the booklet's physical size. Therefore, the translator had to work hard to ensure a concise but accurate translation was given.

Once the translation was complete, our desktop publishing team put the finishing touches to the document and sent it back to the client, who was very happy with the final result. We wish our client well with his future plans, and we hope to work together again soon!

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