3 Reasons You Need Professional Translation for Brochure and Brand Marketing

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3 Reasons You Need Professional Translation for Brochure and Brand Marketing

January 07, 2013

Brochure and Brand Marketing Localization 

Brochure translation and localization services are needed in a variety of situations, and for a wide array of industries, professional services and product sales.  Brochures are still one of the easiest, simple and cost-effective methods for advertising, whether on home-turf or to a foreign language market.  Either way, brochures must be neatly organized, easy to understand and informative. When it concerns international markets, above all, they must make sense to the foreign language target audience, and be localized to their particular region and dialect.

marketing translation services

We recently translated a brochure for a client who needed professional Russian translation.  The object of the brochure is to educate both U.S. and Russian donors, contributors, and potential fundraisers for a non-profit orphange organization.  While we cannot disclose full details about the project, this was a prime example why it is especially wise for non-profit organizations to utilize brochure marketing and translation services: low cost as an awareness campaign method and as a communication method to the foreign language audience.

There are several reasons why a professional translation service with years of experience in foreign language marketing, brochure translation and international campaign localization services are so imperative.  It goes beyond the more simplistic process or idea of translating the actual words to the target language. 

3 Reasons You Need Professional Brochure or Brand Marketing Translation Services

  1. Localization service is extremely important when engaging in any kind of international marketing, advertising or awareness/fundraising campaign.  Localization goes beyond the actual written content, to take into consideration things like cultural references and content, social standards, and visual imagery and content.
  2. Layout is important not only for more technical translation services like software interface design.  It can also be important for even printed brochures.  For example, in English, brochure layout is created with left-to-right language readibrochure translationng.  However, in an English to Hebrew translation, or in an English to Japanese translation, the layout must often be changed to work with the difference in the direction of how the target language is read.  Hebrew is read right to left, and Japanese is read top to bottom, or bottom to top.
  3. Transcreation, or the professional translation process of creative content that cannot be literally translated, is often a big part of brand marketing localization.  Transcreation uses professional translation and localization to translate and localize humorous content or brand marketing that does not directly translate to a target market.  This is often used for things like video games, children's toys, and a lot of visual content.  However, it may also be used in a company brochure that concentrates on their brand and brand marketing.  Logos and mottos are often changed to an equivalent in the foreign language target market.  When this fails to happen, the result can be offensive, non-sensical, or embarrassing to the company.

There are further details about branding, marketing, and professional brochure translation which make it an essential part of communicating with a foreign language audience, whether for profit or charity.  Regardless of which kind of company or organization you are representing, the goal is to acquire a positive response from the target audience, which can only be done if the message itself resonates in a positive way.

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