2010 World Cup and Sports Report Translation

Translations of African languages related to the the 2010 World cup

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2010 World Cup and Sports Report Translation

May 13, 2010

Translation for the FIFA World Cup 2010, South Africa

Not only are there gambling and betting interests invested in sports report translations of the 2010 World Cup this year, but international business interests lie within FIFA World Cup event in June. Translation of sports reports on the 2010 World Cup in South Africa will no doubt be translated into dozens, probably hundreds of languages. With the enormous international crowd that will be attending the FIFA World Cup, and because South Africa has 11 official languages, sports reporting translation and business document translation is crucial. Translation from English to Afrikaans, as well as Afrikaans to English translation will be among the essential translations for successful communication in both sports and business. To get a free quote for any sports report translation or Afrikaans translation, simply use the top menu to upload or copy your document, or to input the document's word count. You'll receive an instant estimate within seconds. You might be in for a shock when you see how much lower our translation service rates are compared to the competition. You will not find a better translation price anywhere from a high quality, international professional translation company.

Millions of people worldwide take the FIFA World Cup very seriously – translation of 2010 World Cup sports reports will be in hundreds of languages worldwide, come June. However, it is not just soccer tournament translation that will be in demand. Executives, VP's, CEOs, and other influential businessmen will be flocking to South Africa, not only with an eye out for translation of soccer tournaments, but with business contract translations, financial document translation, and other business oriented translations. Some of the following languages and services we can provide for 2010 World Cup:

  • Afrikaans to English translation; English to Afrikaans translation
  • Zulu to English translation, English to Zulu translation
  • Xhosa translation service
  • Swazi translation service
  • Tswana translation service
  • Afrikaans business document translation
  • Afrikaans sports report translation

South Africa was a strategic business choice as a location for the 2010 World Cup. Not only South African language translation, but others such as Spanish sports translation, Portuguese sports translation, Japanese business document translation, and many others will be crucial for international markets during the 30 days of the FIFA 2010 Word Cup.

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