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Explore our comprehensive veterinary translation services, tailored to promote global communication, enhance professional collaboration, and ensure compliance with international standards in the veterinary industry.

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Essential Veterinary Translation Services for Global Communication

Veterinary industry translation plays a crucial role in global communication, fostering professional collaboration and ensuring compliance with international standards. Essential language solutions in this industry include document translation, localization, interpretation, and transcription for various materials (e.g. medical records, research papers, and product labels).


Tomedes' veterinary industry translation services cater to veterinarians, clinics, pet owners, and pharmaceutical companies. We guarantee accuracy, timely delivery, and a 1-year warranty on all translations. Clients praise us for our commitment to quality – leading to high satisfaction and trust in our services.

Professional Veterinary Translation Company for Comprehensive Solutions

Expert Veterinary Translators

Tomedes employs highly skilled translators with in-depth knowledge of veterinary terminology and concepts, ensuring accurate translations.

Quality Assurance Process

A rigorous QA process is implemented, with multiple review stages by linguistic experts to guarantee translation accuracy and consistency.

Confidentiality and Security

Tomedes prioritizes client confidentiality, using secure data handling and storage practices to protect sensitive veterinary information.

Customized Service Offerings

Tomedes tailors its services to meet unique veterinary translation requirements, accommodating diverse project types and deadlines effectively.

Commonly Translated Documents within the Industry

The veterinary industry encompasses a diverse range of documents that require translation to facilitate effective global communication and collaboration. Accurate translation of these materials is crucial for veterinarians, clinics, and pet owners to understand and implement best practices while adhering to international standards and regulations.

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  • checkClinical trial documents
  • checkResearch papers
  • checkVeterinary product manuals
  • checkDiagnostic guidelines
  • checkMedical records
  • checkMarketing materials
  • checkVeterinary software and applications
  • checkTraining materials
  • checkCompliance documents
  • checkInformed consent forms

All Language Solutions for the Veterinary Industry

Tomedes also offers comprehensive solutions for all industry-specific language needs.


- Veterinary software applications

- Product packaging and labeling

- Training materials and e-learning courses

- Marketing materials for veterinary products or services


- International veterinary conferences

- Cross-border consultations and collaborations

- Training sessions for international staff

- Import/export and regulatory compliance meetings

Audio-Visual Localization

- Promotional videos for veterinary products

- Instructional videos for equipment usage

- Webinars and online presentations

- Veterinary documentaries and educational films

Website Translation

- Veterinary clinic and hospital websites

- Online veterinary product stores

- Veterinary research institution websites

- Blogs and informational websites on pet care

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