Affidavit of Translation

Are you seeking to ensure legal acceptance of your translated documents? An Affidavit of Translation can provide the authenticity and reliability necessary for submission to government agencies or courts. We offer a comprehensive Affidavit of Translation service to ensure your translations meet the highest standards of accuracy and legitimacy. Contact us for a quote.

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Guaranteed and Certified Affidavit of Translation

An affidavit of translation is a crucial document that affirms the accuracy and completeness of a translated document. This document is necessary when submitting translations to government agencies or courts, and is essential for avoiding legal or administrative issues. By obtaining an affidavit of translation from a reputable language service provider like us, clients can ensure the authenticity and reliability of their translations. With this document in hand, clients can confidently submit their translated documents, knowing that they meet the highest standards of accuracy and legitimacy.


At Tomedes, we offer a comprehensive affidavit of translation to ensure that our clients' translations are authentic, reliable, and legally recognized. Our team of experienced translators and legal experts carefully review and certify each translation, providing clients with a document that attests to the accuracy and completeness of their translations. With our translation affidavit, clients can submit their translated documents with confidence, knowing that they meet the highest standards of accuracy and authenticity.

Fast and Compliant Affidavit of Translation

Accurate Format

At Tomedes, we provide accurate and properly documented affidavits of translation. Our affidavits include the necessary information such as the translator's name, signature, and contact information, and a statement of accuracy. Trust us for all of your legal and official document needs with attention to detail.


Global Compliance

When providing an affidavit of translation, ensure it meets all legal requirements in the relevant jurisdiction, including accuracy, certification, format, and timely delivery. Trust Tomedes for your legal and official document needs.

24/7 Customer Support

Our unmatched customer service ensures round-the-clock provisions of affidavits of translation, should a problem arise. We are available 24/7, even on holidays, to ensure timely delivery of high-quality translations. Trust us to meet your legal and official document needs, any time, any day.

Fast Turnaround Time

Our global presence and network of translators located in every timezone ensure that your translation projects are completed beyond the typical 8-hour workday. We are committed to delivering fast and accurate translations to meet your urgent needs.

Common Documents Requiring an Affidavit of Translation


When obtaining an affidavit of translation, it's essential to understand that different countries, languages, and jurisdictions have specific legal requirements for their format and content. Furthermore, specific languages may require translation standards to guarantee completeness and accuracy. Thus, it's necessary to consult with relevant authorities or a qualified translator to ensure the affidavit complies with all requirements. Common documents that require an affidavit of translation include:

  • checkBirth certificates
  • checkMarriage certificates
  • checkDivorce certificates
  • checkAdoption papers
  • checkAcademic transcripts
  • checkDiplomas and degrees
  • checkLegal contracts
  • checkEmployment contracts
  • checkImmigration documents
  • checkMedical records
  • checkDriver's licenses
  • checkPassports

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Frequently Asked Questions


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