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Can localization make you a better international businessperson?

by OFER TIROSH 29/11/2017

For some companies, using a professional translation service is simply a means to an end – the need for a document to be converted to another language is just a task to be ticked off a list. However, for other businesses, the translation process is a chance to learn. This is particularly true of those companies using professional localization services as well as translation services. 

Localization refers to documents being adapted for foreign audiences. People in different countries have vastly different values, opinions and experiences than those in other parts of the world. As such, companies trying to reach out to foreign audiences need to present their materials in ways that those audiences will engage with. Localization experts can help with this. They offer advice and guidance on cultural considerations in order to shape the way that documents are presented. 

For proactive companies, this represents a huge learning opportunity. Understanding a new audience is a powerful too, particularly when you’re trying to sell a product to those individuals. As such, having access to a localization expert is an exciting business opportunity. Companies looking to seize upon this can use the professional translation and localization process to their advantage. 

For example, if the localization company has suggested changes to a document, the savvy businessperson can explore why those particular changes were suggested. This knowledge will help feed into their understanding of the document’s intended audience and can be taken into account for all future dealings with that audience. Compare that with the approach of merely accepting the changes without question and you begin to understand the opportunity at hand. 

Understanding foreign markets comes with time and experience. However, proactive businesses can get a head start on that process by doing thorough research – and the localization process can be a key part of that research. Ultimately, businesspeople who ensure they get maximum value out of the localization process in this way will have the advantage of gaining unique insights into their audience – and will thus be in a stronger position to do business successfully with them. 

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