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What can video translation do for your business

by OFER TIROSH 25/10/2017

YouTube has over one billion users – that’s almost a third of those who use the internet. The site has been localised for audiences in 88 countries and its content covers 76 different languages. Every day, more than one billion hours of video are watched on YouTube. And that’s just one video site. 

Video is an increasingly important medium through which companies connect with their customers, their potential customers, their staff teams and more. Video translation services allow companies to extend that reach to audiences overseas. 

Video translation for marketing and advertising is a prime example. Many leading businesses use videos (in the form of advertisements) for marketing purposes. These are usually costly and time-consuming to make, so the more use that companies get from them, the better. Using a professional translation service means that the content can be used in multiple countries, thereby providing the company with much more value from its investment in the video’s creation. 

Raising brand awareness also falls into this category. Even where a company isn’t advertising a specific product, it can reach out to new and existing customers through the medium of video in order to enhance and enforce its brand. 

Videos have many practical uses to. Some manufacturers use them to explain how their products work and demonstrate their benefits. Other companies provide informative videos for the benefit of their customers and to raise their profile. Again, the cost and time spent making the video can achieve greater value if a small investment in translation means that the video can then be used to connect with a much wider audience. 

As telecommuting and home working continue to gain in popularity around the globe, many companies are also discovering the use of video to connect with geographically dispersed staff teams. While a company newsletter can be a handy way to deliver information, it is likely to have far less of an impact than a video of updates direct from the CEO, delivered in the local language of each staff team. 

The way that you use video will depend on the nature of your company, what you produce and how you want to engage your staff, customers and potential customers. However you choose to use it, make sure that you get maximum value out of your production costs by connecting with wider audiences through the power of video translation!

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