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The role of translation in the modern business world

by OFER TIROSH 22/05/2018

The pace at which technology is changing our daily lives has ramped up significantly over the past decade or two. Everything from the way we shop to the way we interact with each other has shifted as a result of new gadgets, trends and technological capabilities. 

This has changed not only our personal lives, but also the way that we do business. Companies now can be truly global in their outlook, in a way that was previously only possible for just a few of the biggest international players. Brands can take off overseas almost overnight – and this has led to a shift in the way that businesses use professional translation services as well. 

While companies still use translation services to deal with the traditional elements associated with operating overseas, such as relationship building and operational/logistics matters, they also need translation for a host of other reasons. Business translation services nowadays encompass a wide variety of tasks, from social media competitions to viral videos. Here are three ways in which modern businesses are embracing translation to further their goals.

Social media

If a company doesn’t have multiple social media accounts, it may as well operate in the Dark Ages. These days, a strong social media presence is essential for everything from building brand awareness and connecting with customers to campaigning about issues that are important to your business sector. Becoming a social media influencer can do wonders for a brand – particularly if you have international reach. 

Professional translation is key if your company operates across territories that are home to more than one language. Relying on machine translation is fraught with danger – not only does it look unprofessional as a result of poor grammar and nonsensical sentences, but it also opens your company up to inadvertently offending a whole nation due to a mis-translation. 

High quality, accurate human translation and localization services are the only way forward if your company is serious about raising its profile internationally. 

Staff recruitment

Technology has allowed freelance working to flourish. Companies can now hire freelancers to do everything from designing their logo and marketing materials to providing Virtual Assistant services. Online jobs sites like Upwork mean that the process of hiring freelancers from around the world is easy and cost effective. 

While most businesses would naturally seek to engage freelancers who speak their own language, there may be scope for working with freelancers in their own language too, particularly for companies looking to expand abroad. If, for example, an English company wanted to hire a freelance French marketing expert in order to corner the consumer market in France, it might behove it to advertise for that individual in French, as well as specify in French what its expectations are, to avoid any uncertainty further down the line. 

Video translation

According to Forbes, over half a billion people watch video on Facebook every day, while 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be video by 2021. If your company isn’t already using video as a marketing tool, it really should be. And if your business plans to expand internationally, then that video will need to be available in multiple languages. 

Professional video translation services can help your company bolster its brand overseas, reaching out to customers in multiple languages through a single video. After all, if your business has already gone to the trouble and expense of producing a professional video, then it makes sense to maximise the value of that video by using it as widely as possible. 

In the modern business landscape, if your company isn’t making use of professional translation services, then it could be left behind by those that are. Contact Tomedes to find out more.