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Overcoming Language Barriers. The Central Role of Translation and Localization for Global Business

CATEGORY / Languages

2021-09-16 09:06:25

Language barriers have a broad and profound impact on international trade, content, media, marketing, management, and business operations.

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Doing Business Under COVID-19: Going Online to Weather the Storm

CATEGORY / Coronavirus

2020-03-20 07:14:29

How are businesses and industries doing amidst the coronavirus pandemic? How can your business adapt? Going online might be your best option.

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Tomedes Reveals New Customer Support Outsourcing Service

CATEGORY / Translation services

2019-11-21 03:21:51

Would you like professional support with your customer service? Then let Tomedes help!

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Why China's Singles' Day Is a Shopping Holiday for Everyone

CATEGORY / Business translation

2019-11-11 02:13:43

Through English to Chinese translation and localization services, foreign retailers and ecommerce merchants can lure in more Chinese shoppers on Singl

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How to Market Effectively to Spanish-speaking Countries and Hispanic Consumers

CATEGORY / Marketing

2019-10-09 07:56:55

Is your business hoping to connect with Hispanic consumers? If so, read this now!

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Supporting Government Agencies to Find the Right Language Service Provider

CATEGORY / Translation services

2019-09-12 13:16:58

Is your government agency in need of a language service provider? Read on to discover how to find the perfect company

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Key skills to look for in translators and interpreters

CATEGORY / Translation services

2019-08-28 14:48:15

Which skills do you need from your language professionals and why?

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How to get your international business marketing strategy right first time

CATEGORY / Business translation

2019-08-21 08:03:07

Have you set your sights on international expansion? Read this post to make sure your marketing strategy is spot on!

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Desktop publishing and social media marketing translation – are you getting the best out of them?

CATEGORY / Business translation

2019-08-14 08:04:16

Desktop publishing services and social media marketing translation allows you to market your visual content to a variety of consumers online

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How to hire the perfect interpreter

CATEGORY / Business translation

2019-08-07 07:32:58

Are you in need of interpretation services? If so, read these top tips for finding the perfect interpreter!

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