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The skills to demand from your translation agency

by OFER TIROSH 29/03/2017

When you appoint a company to translate your business documents, their linguistic talents are of paramount importance. However, producing superb, professional translations is only one of a range of skills that you should seek out if you are looking to receive efficient, flawless business translation for every document. Here we look at some of the other skills that you should demand when it comes to appointing the best translation agency to work with your business.

24/7 support

With laptops, phones and tablets meaning that the business world operates 24/7 around the globe, you never know when you might need to speak to someone about a translation. Therefore, it’s essential to opt for a company that offers a round-the-clock support service. Knowing that you will always have someone on hand to support you with your translation needs, no matter when they might arise, can provide peace of mind. There’s nothing worse than needing an urgent translation and having to wait until the next business day before you are able to speak to the translation agency about it. 

Cultural awareness

It’s perfectly acceptable to grill your translation agency on their cultural awareness credentials. Localization services are often just as essential as translation services when it comes to reaching out to new customers, suppliers or other contacts overseas. You need to be confident that your translation company will be able to save you from inadvertent reputation damage, so check their localization abilities as well as their linguistic talents. 


How promptly a company replies to emails, delivers the quote they’ve promised and responds to your queries is very telling. There will be times when you need flawless translation to a tight timescale, so be sure to opt for a translation company that is responsive and punctual in the way that it provides its services. Judge the company on their attention to detail, too – if doing things with meticulous care is important to them in terms of their customer service, it bodes well for the quality of your translations!  


Finally, it’s essential to demand that your translation company is established and credible. You can judge a company’s credibility in a number of ways. For example, do they offer a guarantee for the translations that it produces? Are they happy to provide certified translation services as part of their offering? Do they take the time and trouble to share their expertise with clients through a knowledge base or blog? If a company ticks all of these boxes they you can be confident in their commitment to their work, and in turn to the standard of your translation.