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What is media translation and does your business need it?

by OFER TIROSH 19/04/2018

‘Media content’ is a term that refers to a range of documents that businesses use as part of their daily operations. The term encompasses text documents, images and video files. Media content can include anything from press releases to promotional videos. 

Media translation is the translation of a company’s media content, so that the company can engage with audiences in new locations. It covers news item translation, video translation and plenty more. 

In our modern era of globalisation, many companies want to engage with audiences in more than one country in order to sell their products and raise awareness of their brand. Media translation can help to achieve this goal. 

Media content often includes a promotional or marketing element, so it’s wise for companies to choose their translator(s) carefully when converting media content to other languages. Marketing translation expertise should be high up on the list of experience of those undertaking the work. 

When done right, media translation can open up doors, helping a company to reach out beyond international borders. However, when done wrong it can result in ridicule and anger – that’s why using a professional localization expert is an essential part of modern media translation. Different countries have different religious and cultural values, so translating any kind of promotional material should be undertaken carefully. Text documents, images and videos should all be viewed through the eyes of the potential audience and any inappropriate elements phased out and replaced. It’s important to check cultural references as part of this process too, to ensure that the target audience will understand them and find them relevant. 

If your company is new to media translation, the Tomedes team is happy to provide advice and guidance to support your overseas audience engagement strategy. Our professional translation services cover a wide range of languages and our staff are skilled at localizing content for audiences around the world. Feel free to contact us to find out more.