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Use International Translation Day 2017 to your company's advantage!

by OFER TIROSH 27/09/2017

30 September 2017 is International Translation Day. This UN-endorsed day celebrates and promotes the role of translation in breaking down barriers between countries and improving international communications. 

You don’t have to work in the professional translation sector in order to enjoy the benefits of International Translation Day. Why not use the occasion to think of new ways in which translation could benefit your business? We’ve included a few examples below to get you thinking. 

Listen to your customers

If you sell your products and services overseas, what mechanisms do you have in place to listen to customer feedback? Operating a successful international venture doesn’t stop with simply getting the product to market. You then need to know how well it’s been received. What are customers saying about you on social media, for example, or in online reviews of your goods? 

Social media translation can provide you with fascinating insights into what customers really think of your products. Translation services can also enable you to send out customer surveys and understand the responses. This valuable information can then help to inform your marketing strategy in order to drive increased sales. 

Impress potential partners

Approaching other companies in their own language is always good. It signals respect for the company in question and shows that your business is prepared to take discussions with them seriously. As such, professional translation can open the door to impressing potential partner organisations all over the world. Whether you’re looking for suppliers, distributers or funders, think about how you can use professional translation services to get the relationship off on the right foot and ensure that you stand out from the crowd. 

Value your staff 

For companies with staff teams of different nationalities, using professional translation can be a nice way to ensure that each and every team member feels valued. Sending out a correctly translated message to celebrate religious or secular holidays is a nice way to show that you’re in touch with relevant cultural occasions. Just be sure to use human translation rather than machine translation so as to avoid any embarrassing mistakes! 

What else could International Translation Day inspire your business to achieve? For more hints and tips on how to use translation to your advantage, please contact Tomedes