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Business marketing translation - what you need to know

by OFER TIROSH 14/06/2017

Many businesses use marketing translation to present their goods and services to new audiences. However, there’s a lot more to marketing translation than simply converting words from one language to another, so don’t be surprised if your translation agency starts by asking a whole load of questions. They’ll need to know about your product(s) and your audience in order to deliver a marketing translation that is completely aligned with your vision. 

How do you prepare for marketing translation?

When your company markets its products, it has certain messages in mind that it uses in order to create certain responses in potential customers. These desired responses are usually the triggers that lead customers to choose one particular brand over another and then go out and buy that product. Being able to explain your marketing strategy and messages in these terms to your translation agency will help them to speedily get to grips with your marketing translation

Do you need localization as well as marketing translation?

Definitely! Localization services are essential if you plan to present your brand to a new audience without any hiccups. A good localization service can protect your company from reputational damage incurred through inconsiderate translation. Localization will filter out any messaging that may be deemed offensive by the target audience, as well as any words that may have a double meaning. 

For example, when Starbucks launched in Germany, their latte coffees caused quite a stir – ‘latte’ is a slang term for a male erection in German, despite meaning milk in Italian. Thankfully the Germans laughed off the blunder and Starbucks continues to sell lattes there to this day, but the example highlights the importance of localisation in avoiding linguistic errors and reputational damage. 

Have you thought about your images?

As well as using a translation company to convey your messages in another language, you may well wish to consult with them over the images to be used in your campaign, as part of the localization service. Different colours have diverse meanings in different cultures and can have a significant impact on a product’s popularity. Images of people also need careful consideration, particularly when it comes to issues like whether women should have their hair covered. Your localization specialist will be able to offer advice on such matters. 

Logos and straplines

What does your company name mean in other languages? Have you checked? If not, then it’s time to do so before you start marketing your products. Professional translation can provide you with the perfect copy for marketing your goods overseas, but if your company name means something amusing or rude (or both) in the target language, then that will need to be addressed before you launch your products to your intended audience. The same goes for straplines – just because something sounds good in the original language, doesn’t mean it will translate perfectly! 

Marketing translation for business customers

When it comes to marketing, share as much information as you can with your translation agency in order to ensure the project is a success. The more the agency understands about your customers, the better the translation they can produce. For example, copy that is translated for customers aged 20-30 may well use a different tone than copy aimed at those aged 60-70. That’s why it’s important to bring your translation agency into the loop at an early stage. Doing so will ensure that you receive top quality marketing translations that are perfectly localized and adapted for your intended audience. 

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