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What can professional advertising translation do for your business?

by OFER TIROSH 15/11/2017

Advertising has multiple purposes. In very basic terms, its goals can include promoting a company and its products, making those stand out from the competition, persuading customers to buy the products, raising awareness of the brand and creating a need for the services or goods that the company provides. 

Modern advertising takes many forms. Results of a Nielsen study published in 2015 showed that consumer trust in advertising was shifting. Editorial content has become seen as far less trustworthy, as the differences between high quality editorial content and low quality advertorial content have slowly been eroded. Conversely, trust in mobile advertising is on the up as consumers become more used to their phones being a medium for adverts. Adverts on social networks also enjoyed an increase in trust, according to the study’s findings. 

Online adverts certainly play a huge role in many companies’ advertising strategies. They enable businesses to reach out to a vast audience of potential consumers. This is where advertising translation comes in. 

Companies can use advertising translation to connect with audiences around the world. They no longer need to limit their outlook and scope to just one country. For businesses whose model includes selling online services or making money through referral commissions, this can be particularly exciting. Advertising translation means that a truly global audience is within reach. The rapid spread of internet availability around the world only serves to create even more potential. 

Using localization services is a key element of the advertising translation process. Localization ensures that the content is appropriate to the intended audience. It takes into account cultural norms, shifts in popular culture, historic happenings and more. The goal is to avoid the advert causing inadvertent offence to those it is aimed at. 

Advertising translation can take many forms, from traditional newspaper adverts to video ads aimed at social media sites. Howsoever your company chooses to advertise, be sure that the money you invest in advertising generates maximum returns. Advertising translation will enable you to do so. 

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