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5 ways a content writing service can help your business

by OFER TIROSH 26/06/2019

A good content writing service is one of those things where the more you use it, the more potential you see in it. Say, for example, you decide to use a content writer to help with a few blog posts. Then you realise that some of those blog posts could work as press releases, while others are substantial enough to form the start or a brochure or even a white paper. Decent content writing services can deliver all of this and more. As such, we’ve laid out five ways in which content writing can help your business. Which will you start to benefit from first? 

1. Establish your expertise

Blog posts and detailed articles on your website are a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and establish your expertise. Doing so can have several advantages. Key among them is building up your reputation in order to show customers (and potential customers) how knowledgeable you are and how passionate about the product or service that you provide, thus giving them the confidence to buy from you rather than from one of your competitors. 

Establishing yourself as an authority can also help to push your website up through Google’s search results (and those of other search engines). While the purpose of this article isn’t to delve into the complex world of how to succeed at search engine optimisation, suffice it to say that it doesn’t hurt for search engines to find lots of content on your site that points to you being a subject matter expert. 

2. Reach new audiences

In this day and age, you need to share your expertise more widely than just within the confines of your own website. That means establishing a proactive guest posting strategy in order that your articles can pop up all over the internet, pointing people back to your site and broadening your reach. Doing so can help you to connect with new audiences and expand and enhance your brand’s reputation. 

3. Create a voice for your brand

Creating a fantastic product is a skilled undertaking. So is establishing a company ‘voice’ on social media. If you’ve already done the former, it could be time to use a content writing service to help with the latter. Professional content writers can prepare your social media posts in a way that develops just the right tone in order to connect with your intended audience. 

That tone will differ hugely, depending on who you are reaching out to. Should your posts be jovial or serious? Packed with pop culture references of dry and factual? Chatty and informal or strictly grammatically correct? Your content writer will consider all this and more when creating your brand’s voice, using just the right approach to boost customer engagement and, as a result, sales. 

4. Define what your company stands for 

Website writing is often a catalyst for a company understanding and defining more about its values and ethos. Some businesses already know this; indeed, many start in order to pursue a specific mission. However, many don’t – they simply provide a great product or service without formally defined values. 

Using a content writer to write your website can help you to define more about your company and, in turn, to connect with greater numbers of customers as a result. What are the eco credentials of your product, for example? If you’re manufacturing it in a sustainable way, then your commitment to protecting the environment can translate into a company value. Content writing services can help to tease out this information and use it to build a greater rapport with your audience. 

5. Ensure your product is understood

Content writing is also a great way to ensure that customers truly understand the product or service that you provide. When you work with something day in day out, you know it back to front. As such, it’s easy to assume that your customers will understand the product in the same way that you do. In reality, however, they need a clear introduction to its features and benefits – one that assumes absolutely no previous knowledge in relation to it. 

A good content writer is the ideal person to address this. They can pen professionally written product descriptions that walk the reader clearly through what your products do and why they need them in their lives. 

Final thoughts

The right content writing service can do much to boost your brand and increase your customer base. Even if you decide that you don’t need to use content writing services and will undertake the work yourself, at least consider using professional proofreading services in order to ensure that your work is absolutely spot on, each and every time!