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Complicated translations – who can you trust?

by OFER TIROSH 28/02/2018

As a professional businessperson with documents that need to be translated, you need to know who you can trust with the work. Engaging a translator to work on your marketing brochure can work well until you find yourself in need of legal translation. As such, appointing a translation agency can be a wise move if you are likely to need multiple documents translated. The same applies if you need translation into more than one language, as a translation company will be able to offer a vast range of language pairings.

But what if you need technical content translated, or financial documents or a patent application? Many companies worry that these specialist requirements will prove too much when it comes to achieving an accurate translation. However, large translation companies have this covered too, offering multiple specialisms in multiple languages.  

As such, if you have a complicated document or set of documents that you want translated, seeking out a large agency is often the easiest and most cost effective way to obtain an accurate translation. Be forthright in your demands – you can grill the agency on their expertise in the relevant specialism(s) before deciding to appoint them, so ask about their translators’ experience in the fields you need before you commit. Be sure to ask about timescales too, as specialist documents can sometimes take longer to translate – so let the agency know from the outset if you are facing a particular time pressure and need to use their rush translation service. 

It’s also a good idea to consider any additional languages that you might need, even if you’re only planning to translate your documents into one language initially. That way, you can interrogate the agency as to their credentials in every language you may need prior to appointing them. This insures against the need for you to find another agency further down the line if you suddenly announce you need specialist skills in a language the original agency doesn’t cover. 

Of course, complex translations don’t just relate to written documents. Video translation and app translation can be extremely complicated, but again a larger translation company should be able to provide the relevant expertise. 

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