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5 ways to make it easier for your business to launch in a new country

by OFER TIROSH 31/07/2019

When you run your own business, certain tasks can seem pretty daunting at first and launching in a new country is right up there with the toughest. However, the thought of global expansion doesn’t need to fill you with trepidation. With the right support services in place, launching in a new country can be an exciting venture. As such, we’ve rounded up five services that will help you to realise your international ambitions. 

Website translation

Let’s start with one of the most obvious things you will need when launching in a new country: website translation services that can deliver your site accurately to your new audience. 

No doubt you put plenty of energy into ensuring that your original website design was perfect. As such, it’s important to approach the translation of your site with much the same enthusiasm. Take an active role in working with your website translator to ensure that the finished product reflects your brand and products as accurately as possible. 

Localization services

With website translation, it’s also important to understand the value of localization. A localization service will adapt your content for new audiences in a way that is culturally appropriate. Localization can address everything from changing product names that would be offensive in the target language to advising on how the design of your packaging will likely be received. Using localization experts can save you from making cultural mistakes and offending your target audience, as well as becoming a laughing stock! 

Marketing translation 

Marketing translation services will also play a key role in helping you to launch your business in a new country. Marketing to new audiences is about more than simple translation. You need to understand which marketing strategies are most commonly used in the target country and why, then fit your own strategy and materials around that information.  

A professional marketing translator can help with all of this, from internet research to helping prepare questionnaires for focus groups as part of your market research. They can also help you to rework your existing marketing materials to fit with your new strategy in order for them to have maximum impact when you launch. 

Content marketing services

These days, content writing services play a key role in marketing, so be sure to have a trusted, creative content writer on hand ready to help with your launch. Everything from blog posts to press releases can help to establish your brand and your product in the eyes of the new audience, so be sure to have a content strategy ready, including plenty of content that can be shared as part of your social media marketing activities. 

Remember that your goal in producing content for the new country is to demonstrate your expertise and your local connections, so well-written articles that the target audience finds engaging is important for building your brand. It’s also important for establishing your authority sufficiently to help you climb the search engine rankings in that country. 

Interpretation services

Remember that interpretation services can also be immensely useful when it comes to launching your venture in a new country. Having someone on hand to help with video calls and face to face meetings where you don’t speak the language can quickly help you to build bridges and show that you are serious about your new marketplace. A professional interpreter can also help you to negotiate deals with suppliers, manufacturers and logistics companies, so there’s plenty of scope for you to save money in other areas, even as you spend it on breaking down language barriers. 

Final thoughts 

Launching your business in a new country can have multiple benefits, as this article on how to take your company global from Entrepreneur explains. Get the underlying details and support services right and the whole experience will run far more smoothly. 

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