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Tomedes Lauded As a Top-Class Translation Software by Directory for Business Software

by OFER TIROSH 04/09/2018

“Accurate and high-quality translation services” can be had with Tomedes, regardless if you’re part of a large or small business, or even a freelancer. A team of professional B2B experts from FinancesOnline came to this conclusion after performing a thorough Tomedes overview. And they loved our smart, human translation services so much that they certified us with two awards: Great User Experience and Rising Star for 2018.

At Tomedes, we strive to fairly provide all clients with exceptional translation services, just like how we would like to be treated as customers. This is why we go beyond the call of duty to ensure you receive highly accurate and topnotch translations that are delivered on time. FinancesOnline experienced this first-hand with Tomedes after they reviewed us under their top translation software, stating that with Tomedes, “whatever you need to be translated, they get it done right and on time.”

Users can expect quality localization services as well that adheres to the social and economical context of the area, according to FinancesOnline. Arguably, great localization can help present your business in a better light, thus, allowing you to gain better traction with customers overseas. These are some of the reasons why FinancesOnline found Tomedes deserving to win their Great User Experience award, granted to solutions that provide a generally pleasing user experience.

In addition to reviewing our translation services, FinancesOnline also conducted a translation software 2018 report and collected the feedback of Tomedes users from across the internet, aggregating all opinions to provide a tangible rating. With Tomedes receiving a 100 user satisfaction rating, FinancesOnline certified us with their Rising Star award for 2018. This award is granted to SaaS products and services that have increased in popularity on the market, have garnered positive traction with users, and are seen as a reliable tool by clients in solving the problems they face today.

We hope you had the same pleasant experience with Tomedes as well. You can share your opinions about our translation services by dropping a user review on our FinancesOnline review page.