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Tomedes Announces the Merge of SEO and Website Localization



Tomedes, a global translation company from Tel Aviv, Israel supporting clients’ international expansion with their expert translation services, has announced their move to merge SEO and website localization services.


This move highlights the importance of SEO in the translation industry, allowing for this industry’s clientele to reach local audiences and globalize their business, primarily of whom are in the digital landscape.


Ofer Tirosh, CEO of Tomedes, says about SEO localization, “For Tomedes, SEO is not an additional service, SEO cannot be separated from website translation services. The merge of SEO and website localization is key to reaching your local audiences successfully.” 


One of the few companies that offer multilingual SEO services for translated content in the whole translation industry, Tomedes is not new to SEO, with an internal SEO team of 20 members.


With their belief in the power of SEO and their dedication to the linguistic capabilities of any website, Tomedes can guarantee effective SEO services for your translated content—and have been doing so for 15 years. 


With every website translation service, SEO consultation and keyword research are paramount, which allows for clientele to reach the very audiences that they are targeting. 


This emphasis on the local has proved to be an essential component of Tomedes’ treatment towards their clients, garnering them a 98% satisfaction rate from 95,000+ satisfied clients. Tomedes also offers a one-year guarantee on all their services.


If your goal is to reach audiences in your target market, Tomedes offers translation services where they translate into the right languages, with the right partner of SEO.


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About Tomedes

In 2007, Ofer Tirosh founded Tomedes with the specific goal of providing translation services for businesses who encountered language barriers in their interactions. Tirosh saw the gaps in the underdeveloped translation industry in 2007, at a time when the internet was becoming more accessible to the public, and sought to fix these problems by founding Tomedes. He created a platform for translators and language experts to share their skills in order to address communication problems. True to the goals of the company since its inception, Tomedes has grown to a multinational company with offices in Israel, the US, the UK, and the Philippines. We've garnered 95,000+ business clients, with a 98% client satisfaction rate. Our continually evolving company is supported by 24/7 consistent customer support, for our clients.