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Are you missing a trick by only blogging in one language?

by OFER TIROSH 11/02/2018

Many companies use blogs to engage with their customers. Blogs are a useful way to position one’s business as a voice of authority, in promote new products and announce company changes. They are also handy from an SEO and content strategy point of view, as well as providing great material for sharing on social media. Basically, if your business isn’t blogging, it should be!

It is interesting then, that many companies that choose to use professional website translation to reach out to overseas audiences neglect to translate their blog posts. For some reason, all that great blog content gets overlooked when it comes to translation priorities. 

There are, of course, perfectly logical reasons for this. Many companies prioritise sharing details of their services, prices and company information with new audiences. This is eminently sensible stuff. However, engaging with potential customers also involves showing your authority and personality, which is where blogging in multiple languages comes in. 

For some companies, avoiding blog post translation is about cutting costs. However, delivering authoritative, engaging content can have myriad benefits – including attracting more customers – so there’s a strong argument for investing in blog translation. If money is really tight, a compromise approach is to translate the last few posts only, then translate each post as it is written going forward. This can be a successful strategy for companies looking to tackle new markets. It means that they can keep content on the newly translated website fresh, with regular updates in that language, while avoiding the expense of translating the entire blog since its inception. 

This approach can also benefit companies looking to boost their web presence when it comes to climbing the ranks of overseas search engines. 

If your business is serious about its international intentions and strategy, blogging in just one language no longer makes sense. There’s a global marketplace out there and if your company fails to engage with it, you’re handing your competitors a clear advantage. 

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