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LSP Tomedes receives ISO certification in 3 categories for translation services

by OFER TIROSH 11/04/2022

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Holon, Israel, 04 April 2022 — Global language service provider and 2021 B2B Leader Tomedes was recently accorded ISO certifications in three categories that are of prime relevance to translation services.

The International Organization for Standards (ISO) is an independent, non-governmental federation of standard-setting bodies from over 160 countries. Its purpose is to develop standards for private industry that are universally accepted to represent best business practices according to specific criteria.

Tomedes is ISO certified in three categories relevant to language and translation services:

ISO 9001:2015 This is a general quality protocol certifying that a company adheres to a rigorous quality management system. This system should be designed to meet the requirements of its customers with consistency as well as full compliance with international statutes and regulations.

ISO 17100:2015 This protocol pertains specifically to translation services, and is considered the gold standard for accreditation within the industry. ISO 17100:2015 sets high-level protocols and best practices for translation companies to follow, ensuring reliable quality according to customer requirements as well as relevant industry codes and legislation. ISO 17100:2015 does not cover standards relating to machine translation post-editing.

ISO 18587:2015 Protocols relating to machine translation post-editing are covered by this standard. Translations must be processed through machine translation (MT) tools according to highly rated specifications, then edited by human professional translators trained to properly handle MT output. Tomedes is one of the few providers to achieve this certification.

Together, these three ISO accreditations certify that a translation company can be considered competitive on the global stage. They serve as tangible assurance regarding the high quality of Tomedes’ business practices and the translation services the company provides.

“As I've emphasized to our community here at Tomedes, quality begets quality,” says Tomedes’ CEO Ofer Tirosh. “Our services inspire us to do the best work we can when we know we are putting out something we can be proud of.”

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