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A gift from us to you – how the free Tomedes Text Summarizer tool can help your business

by OFER TIROSH 27/06/2018

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch and they're right – we’re not volunteering to buy you lunch! However, the Tomedes team is delighted to share with you our new Text Summarizer Tool. Our Text Summarizer is completely free to use and we don’t even ask you to register – this isn’t some sneaky way to harvest your email address or other contact information. You can simply use the tool for free on the Tomedes website. 

What is the Tomedes Text Summarizer Tool? 

The Text Summarizer Tool is a way for you to quickly and easily grab content from a web page, minus the links, images and other bits and pieces that increasingly clutter up the useful information that the web can provide. 

There are two ways to use the Text Summarizer – you can either input a URL or paste in text from your clipboard. In either case, the end result is the same – clean copy that you can then do as you please with.

Who is the Tomedes Text Summarizer for? 

A wide range of businesses and freelance professionals can benefit from using our new tool. All those who work with words will at some point need to grab information from the internet, whether during research, as part of a professional translation project or for one of a hundred other reasons. As such, the Tomedes Text Summarizer can make life easier for writers, content marketers, professional translators and many more professionals who have to write regularly for a living. 

How else can Tomedes help?

The Text Summarizer is Tomedes’ latest free tool, but it’s not the only one. The Word Count Ratio Tool is also available to help anyone who needs to produce documents in more than one language. Also available for free on the Tomedes website, the Word Count Ratio Tool compares the number of words in two different languages. Thus a company that needs to present a brochure in Spanish, as well as English, can quickly and easily see that the Spanish version will contain upwards of 10% more words. This can then be factored into the brochure template, so that work on the design can take place concurrently with the translation. 

Of course, translation itself remains at the heart of Tomedes’ business, so please feel free to contact us for all of your upcoming translation needs.