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Tomedes Reveals New Customer Support Outsourcing Service

by OFER TIROSH 21/11/2019

Does your business have the time to truly excel at keeping customers happy? Or would you rather focus on what you do best and leave your customer service in the hands of a team of professionals who are committed to delivering the best possible customer experience? 

Tomedes is a translation, interpretation and business process outsourcing company. Our latest service offering is outsourced, multilingual customer services for businesses around the world. We expertly manage your business operations by leveraging human expertise and advanced technology. 

We believe that every company deserves the high-quality business solutions that it needs to deliver a better customer experience. That’s why we deliver outsourced customer engagement transformation services, with a focus on satisfaction and loyalty. We provide clients with staff outsourcing solutions that deliver expertise in handling customer queries, allowing them to maintain a positive relationship with their customers while increasing sales and enhancing loyalty. 

Our Services

Tomedes has spent the last decade honing its customer service expertise, through our 24/7 customer care. Our goal is growing customer expectations in order to drive business innovation, transformation and growth. 

Delivering customer care and corporate relations at this level to business customers has been a cornerstone of our translation service, as you can read in the article below. 

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How We Work with Customer Support Clients 

Our business process outsourcing delivers both customer service skill and linguistic talent. We provide call centre support services, chat support services, email support services and data entry in a wide range of languages, all with a human-centric focus based around your required business outcomes. 

Social media is another key area for customer support. We have a team in place to respond professionally and appropriately, 24/7, in whichever language your customers require, as part of our customer management experience. 

The Value Proposition of Customer Care

Inattentive customer service could result in your company losing clients. This makes no sense financially; it costs a company six to seven times more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one (Kolsky). 

With our professional customer support in place, your business can deliver a seamless, positive customer experience while your core staff team focus on doing what they do best. We solve an operational challenge by slotting into your business in just the right way, using highly skilled staff and technical experts. As an online service, we also reduce your carbon footprint, but cutting out the need for customer support staff to commute to your place of work. 

Business Process Services Outsourcing 

Our customer service representatives are fully trained on whatever you make or sell, so that they can discuss the products or services in as much detail as your own employees can. From the customer’s perspective, your business operates as a well-oiled machine, responding to their needs swiftly and knowledgeably. Our staff truly care about your products, your business and your customers – we deliver personal integrity as well as helping you to deliver your customer-centric legal compliance commitments. 

The Tomedes team is available 24/7 to respond to your customers’ needs. Whenever your customers call, email, tweet or launch a live chat conversation, there’s someone polite, professional and helpful at the other end, ready to support them. 

In line with Tomedes’ commitment to providing cost-effective translation and interpretation services, we use a tracking tool to ensure you are only ever charged for the actual time we spend delivering your customer support services. There is no minimum charge, so if your company has a quiet month, then that’s reflected in your bill. 

McKinsey & Company report that 70% of buying experiences are based on how customers feel they are being treated. Tomedes has factored this knowledge into the core ethos of our new customer support outsourcing service. Every customer is dealt with patiently and respectfully. 

Operational Support

With the right technology in place, your customers can quickly and easily connect with one of our representatives, no matter how they prefer to get in touch. We see each such connection as an opportunity to excel and to deliver a positive experience for your customers. By blending our human expertise with cutting edge tech, we’re delivering next generation customer service. We match talent with tech in the way that best and most cost-effectively meets your needs.

Competitive Advantage

Would you like your staff to focus fully on their main roles, with as few distractions as possible? Doing so means that your business can operate as a lean, effective entity that is well placed to take on the competition. Outsourcing your customer support service to Tomedes can do precisely this. We take care of the engagement side of the customer experience, while you focus on providing exceptional products and services. 

Whether you’re a small, independent business or a massive global company, Tomedes can offer a bespoke customer service solution that is tailored to your needs. All with less hassle (and cost) than it takes to maintain a 24/7, multilingual, in-house customer support team. 

You can pick and choose from a menu of services to ensure your customer support experience is designed to deliver maximum competitive advantage to your business. Do you need an inbound call centre? No problem! Outbound too? That’s fine with us. We also offer everything from telemarketing to technical support, at the times you need and in the languages you need. 

People skills are at the heart of every good customer service experience. Our operatives are personable and passionate about helping others. They serve as an extension of your business, reflecting your values and delivering at the level you would expect from all those who represent your firm. 

Serve Your Customers Well

Would you like to cut the cost of doing business while solving operational challenges and improving the customer experience? Then speak to Tomedes about outsourced customer support. We provide customized solutions, tailor-made to fit your business needs. Let us help your business thrive in 2020 and beyond.