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Is your company morally obliged to undertake translation work?

by OFER TIROSH 26/04/2018

Translation work is often used by companies that are looking to gain a foothold in international markets. The right translation (and localization) can open doors overseas and create excellent potential for new partnerships, increased sales and corporate expansion. 

However, there are circumstances in which companies might need to undertake translation work for other reasons, such as the health and safety of their workers. Construction companies, factories and other businesses that tend to both employ a high proportion of workers from overseas and operate heavy or dangerous machinery have a duty to protect those who work for them. Delivering health and safety information in multiple languages can certainly fall under this duty of care. 

Organisations that work with young people (youth centres and sports clubs, for example) also need to think about how they can include all of those who wish to participate. Breaking down language barriers is key to ensuring equal opportunities for all young people and is particularly important in multicultural city environments. Libraries in England, for example, present free book packs to young children to promote reading. If the child’s parents speak a language other than English, the book pack can contain books in the relevant language, as well as in English. 

Schools, hospitals and other public services also have moral obligations to translate some of the materials that they present, though the actual delivery of such work differs greatly from country to country. Many charities also see it as a fundamental part of their mission to engage with actual and potential service users in their native tongue. 

Professional translation services are a quick and cost effective way for companies to fulfil their moral obligations in this respect. Using a translation agency can protect company staff from harm and ensure equal opportunities for all. So what is your business waiting for?

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