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The business advantages of multilingual content writing services

by OFER TIROSH 29/05/2019

Content writing has never been more important. If you want your company to succeed online and rise up the search engine rankings, you need to showcase your expertise, both on your own website and through guest posts on other sites with high domain authority. And if you want your business to succeed around the world, your content needs to be in multiple languages. 

Multilingual content writing 

Both translation services and content writing services can help you to achieve this goal. Each has its place within an international content marketing strategy. For the purposes of this article we will be exploring the concept of multilingual content writing. 

Using a professional multilingual content writing service means that your business will have access to expert writers around the world. No matter what your niche may be, there are writers out there with the skills to write engaging articles about it in a wide variety of languages. Using a content writing service to access these talented individuals can save a great deal of time and energy for your business when it comes to finding the perfect writer, as the agency will deal with recruiting and vetting the writers. All you need to do is find an agency with a good track record of providing content writing services and they will do the rest. 

Why multilingual content writing works so well

For a business that is trying to connect with customers around the world, multilingual content writing can work extremely well. The business can provide content writers with key themes and topics, then give them the space to shape the articles in a way that will best suit the target readers in each country. This emphasis on locally crafted content can ensure that blog posts are particularly closely aligned with the cultural expectations of each country in which they will be read. Content writers can also draft social media posts for sharing the articles in different languages, which again is an opportunity to ensure that content is crafted with specific target audiences in mind. 

This approach means that readers can enjoy articles that don’t feel awkward to them in terms of subject matter or content, thus maximising the potential for positive engagement with the brand. 

A quick word on imagery

It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words, which is why it’s so important to choose the right images to accompany your content. Again, multilingual content writers can help with this. Each writer will have access to culturally appropriate image databases that they can scour for the perfect pictures. This removes the headache of your company having to find a range of images that are suitable for each target audience. 

Local expertise

Using multilingual content services means that you can also tap into local expertise. Writers can provide valuable advice and guidance on how certain products or services are likely to be perceived in their particular country and this can influence how your content marketing strategy should be shaped for each location.

Content writing in multiple languages is not a ‘one size fits all’ undertaking. Yes, it’s perfectly possible to write content in one language and translate it, and there are many situations when doing so is the best way forward. However, if you are trying to connect with audiences in different cultures, then shaping your content to suit each of them can really give your brand the edge. 

Final thoughts

If you’re ready to move forward with your multilingual content writing, it’s time to speak to the professionals. Grill your chosen agency on how they recruit their writers and test their expertise, what their sector specialisms are and which languages they cover. After all, you never know when you might want to add another language into the mix, as your multilingual content begins to reap rewards!