UTIC 2019
Dnipro, Ukraine, | 2019-07-22 - 2019-07-28

The Ukranian Translation Industry Camp or "UTIC" started back in 2013 as an ambitious project expecting over 300 participants worldwide to attend a gathering of freelance translators, business owners and software developers to network and talk about the recent trends in the translation industry.

The UTIC was the largest event in Ukraine back in 2013 for all those involved in the translation industry and now on its 5th succession, the event has grown to an even larger scale. With over 50 inspirational speakers, a variety of seminars and workshops, plenty of chances to make contacts, relevant discussions and time to unwind, the conference will be a fun and interactive way to further your knowledge and skill set in translation.

The seven day event encourages attendees to bring their family with them, and there is plenty of time to attend the conference given its lengthy schedule. The event will also give your family a chance to meet your colleagues, there are plenty of outdoor activities and chances for sightseeing for everyone to enjoy.

The program will tackle the best practices and trends in translation, interpreting and localization. As per their programme they also aim to delve deeper in business translation and discuss the best technology to utilize to efficiently process translations.

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