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A recent Tomedes client, who was buying a house in France, needed to use our real estate translation service urgently

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Urgent French to English real estate translation

September 02, 2018

The world of real estate can move incredibly slowly at times, but then pick up the pace and result in a frantic flurry of activity. This was precisely what happened to a recent Tomedes client, who was buying a house in France. After waiting what felt like forever for all the paperwork to be in order, the process was suddenly sprinting ahead, leaving the client with little time to go over the extensive paperwork. 

Thankfully, Tomedes was on hand to help. The client used our urgent translation service in order to obtain an English version of the documents in question. With so much legal language involved, he wanted to be 100% sure of what he was signing – hence his using our certified translation service

Appreciating the urgency of the situation, our French real estate translator got to work immediately. Her experience included plenty of real estate translations, as well as work on other legal documents, so she was ideally positioned to help the client understand his paperwork. 

At the client’s request, we sent him each of the translated documents as soon as it was available. This allowed him to absorb the information one section at a time, rather than becoming overwhelmed by a huge pile of paperwork all at once. 

The client was really pleased with how the French translation process worked. His documents were sent to him quickly and he was able to progress his house-buying plans without undue delay. He was also pleasantly surprised by the cost of the Tomedes translation service, which he found to be excellent value for money. 

With his translated real estate paperwork in hand, along with his certificate of translation, the client had the confidence to proceed with his house purchase – another happy example of translation enabling people to pursue their dreams! 

If we can help you to pursue your goals through the power of translation, simply contact us and let us know. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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