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Mark, a native speaking English translator with experience in birth certificate translations, was selected to work on the document.

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Urgent Birth Certificate Translation into English

March 11, 2015

One of our regular customers got in contact with us again recently, hoping to receive a birth certificate translation that could be completed with urgency. The client knew that we provide a quick translation service, and our proven competency made her happy to continue using our translation company.

The client was able to contact Kenette (one of our account managers) directly, having perviously becoming acquainted with him on another translation project. After explaining the situation, Kenette was able to provide the client with a quotation for her birth certificate translation, which the client thought to be of outstanding value. At Tomedes, we’re happy to have a reputation for providing high-quality translations at exceptional prices.

The client authorised the translation to begin, and Kenette selected Mark, a native speaking English translator, to work on the document. Mark was familiar with performing birth certificate translations, and his experience in this field was one of the reasons why Kenette selected him to work on this assignment.

It wasn’t long before the completed translation was returned to the client, which pleased her greatly as she required a quick turnaround. We also provided the client with a certification of translation accuracy, which is our personal guarantee that the completed translation is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge. When submitting official papers, such as a birth certificate, having some sort of guarantee from a translation company is essential.

The client left us happy with her translation and our guarantee, and we anticipate working with her again soon.


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