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A Spanish report translation for a technology company

May 18, 2015

Our translation company often works with clients from the technology sector, and we were recently contacted by one of our regular clients from this field. This particular client works with a company that advises other technology firms on how to safely recycle their old technology, and they have clients based around the globe.

On this occasion, our client contacted Natalie (one of our project managers here at Tomedes) to request a translation for a client report. Our previous clients are able to get in touch with a member of our team directly via email, and this client appreciates our translation company’s high level of availability.

Natalie returned a competitively priced quotation for the report translation, which the client found to be very appealing. Based on this, and her positive experience of working with us previously, the client approved the translation then and there.

Natalie selected Cayo (one of our native speaking, Spanish translators) to work on the report translation. While Cayo was busy translating the report, the client informed Natalie that she had another, partially-translated report that needed to be worked on too, and she asked if our expert Spanish translator would like to take that on too. Cayo was happy to oblige, and he began working on the new report after he finished the initial translation.
The completed reports were returned to the client in a timely manner, and she thanked both Natalie and Cayo for their help. We look forward to hearing from this client again in the future.


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