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Spanish to English legal translation

November 28, 2018

By Ofer Tirosh

Dealing with a legal situation can be a stressful time even when it’s entirely in your own language. When another language comes into play – and particularly, one that you don’t speak fluently – the pressure can increase significantly. Thankfully, professional translation companies such as Tomedes are here to help you navigate the complexities of the legal system, whichever country that system may be in!

The most recent client to take advantage of our legal translation service needed her documents translated from Spanish to English. We have a host of translators available to service this common language pairing and were quickly able to put our leading legal translator to work. 

The client was in a hurry for her documents, so asked to use our rush translation service. This is available to anyone who needs their translation faster than usual. Having worked with blue chip clients around the globe, we understand that sometimes time pressures can be intense, so always seek to meet even the shortest of deadlines.

The client appreciated our rapid responses and the speed with which our Spanish translator got to work on her legal papers. She was also delighted with the cost of our translation service, which was lower than she had been expecting to pay, particularly given the urgent nature of the job. 

Our translator worked fast yet diligently, ensuring that he produced a flawless English version of the client’s legal paperwork. The client is now able to progress her legal matter with a full understanding of what’s involved, which has done much to reduce the overall stress of the legal process for her. 

If you’re facing paperwork in a foreign language that is causing you headaches, Tomedes can help. We cover more than 90 languages, as well as providing a wide range of sector-specific expertise. Why not call, email or live chat with us to find out more? 

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